Have you ever been told it's all in your head?

  • You can’t remember the last time you actually felt good?

  • You often feel anxious, depressed, or angry?

  • You’ve experienced weight loss or weight gain that doesn’t make sense?

  • You’ve been diagnosed with a disease or disorder?

While these conditions may seem unexplainable, growing scientific evidence points to the same source: an unhealthy gut (aka gut dysbiosis or leaky gut). When you have a leaky gut, the gut-brain-body relationship is out of balance.

Did you know – a healthy gut leads to a health brain and healthy body?


My RESTORING YOUR HEALTH Program can help!

Learn how to:

1. Address the root causes of your pain.

2. Identify & eliminate toxins that inhibit healing.

3. Discover what foods benefit your body and why.

Hello, I’m Dr. DiNatale, EdD, BCNC, CGC.

As a board certified nutritional consultant and gut health coach, I specialize in severe digestive disorders, mental/nervous system imbalances, and impaired autoimmunity.

It is my passion and great desire to help those living with chronic pain caused by distress, disorder, or disease achieve real and lasting healing.  Let me help you!

Dr. Lois DiNatale, Gut Health Coach

You can experience real and lasting healing

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