New clients are required to read, agree to, and sign a GAPS CONSULTATION AGREEMENT & DISCLAIMER STATEMENT before beginning the GAPS Nutritional Protocol with a Certified GAPS Coach.

Certified GAPS Coaches are trained by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD and her GAPS Instructor Team and receive a certification upon completion of her 130-hour Certified GAPS Coach training course. Certified GAPS Coaches are not licensed or certified by any state/province or country and laws/ regulations may vary depending on location.

The GAPS Nutritional Protocol is not designed to treat any specific disease or medical condition. This is the sole domain of the medical field and other allied health professionals. A Certified GAPS Coach does not make any medical diagnoses or claims and is not a substitute for your personal physician’s advice. A Certified GAPS Coach does not provide a second opinion or in any way attempt to alter the treatment plans or therapeutic goals/recommendations of your primary care physician or other board-certified medical practitioner. You should discuss any recommendations made by your Certified GAPS Coach with a licensed medical professional. If your physician has any questions, they should feel free to contact your Certified GAPS Coach.

If an emergency arises, please seek out immediate emergency medical attention as the advice of your CGC does not replace the advice of a medical professional.