Terms & Conditions

Certified GAPS Coaches either work with clients in person or virtually to help them implement the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. The prevailing premise of the GAPS Nutritional Protocol is that the human body is a wonderful creation, and it has all the healing and repair mechanisms programmed into it. The GAPS Nutritional Protocol simply provides the body with the necessary tools to use this ability fully.

The fundamental goal of a Certified GAPS Coach is to help you prepare for and navigate the GAPS Nutritional Protocol in a non-clinical setting with practical application in the home. Consultation elements will include: kitchen equipment recommendations, pantry sweep and restocking recommendations, food sourcing, GAPS cooking guidelines and techniques, environmental and personal care recommendations, journaling guidance, supporting references, monitoring and tracking progress, and providing channels of support within local communities

While clients report positive outcomes in using the GAPS Nutritional Protocol, please note that it’s impossible to guarantee any specific outcome. Your Certified GAPS Coach will work with you to help you achieve the best possible results, but that will be determined by your commitment to the GAPS Nutritional Protocol and to the open channels of communication you have with your Certified GAPS Coach.

While on the GAPS Nutritional Protocol it’s possible to experience some physical or emotional reactions. If this occurs contact your Certified GAPS Coach to determine how to proceed with your personalized GAPS experience. You agree to promptly inform your GAPS Coach if you experience emotional distress and/or physical discomfort during your work together, particularly between consultations. If appropriate, your Certified GAPS Coach may be able to refer you to a Certified GAPS Practitioner (CGP) or other appropriate professional health care provider for further assistance

For the most optimal GAPS Nutritional Protocol experience, please be sure that the information you provide in the GAPS Confidential Client questionnaire and during consultations, is accurate and reflects the current health status of you and your family members. If you notice any new reactions or mild changes to your health, please promptly notify your Certified GAPS Coach. If an emergency arises, please seek out immediate emergency medical attention as the advice of your CGC does not replace the advice of a medical professional.